How Much Does a Smile

How Much Does a Smile Makeover Cost in Germantown, MD?

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A smile makeover combines multiple cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to create a beautiful, natural appearance. Smile makeovers can transform the way you look and feel, bringing you a boost of confidence and improving your oral health.

The cost of a smile makeover varies greatly because it depends on the procedures each patient needs. In Germantown, MD, a complete smile makeover may cost $5,000 and up.

Benefits of Smile Makeovers

Boost Your Confidence

If you have missing, damaged, or discolored teeth, you may have felt self-conscious about your smile for years. Your self-esteem may suffer when you feel you can't share your smile. With a smile makeover, you will feel excited about attending social events and having your picture taken.

Straighten and Brighten Your Teeth

Smile makeovers combine several procedures to bring you an optimized look. We can close gaps and eliminate crooked and crossed teeth, replace missing or broken teeth, and brighten your smile using teeth whitening.

Improves Oral and Overall Health

Straighter teeth are healthier teeth because it is easier to keep them clean. Crooked teeth accumulate plaque and food particles more readily, leading to gum disease and tooth decay. Healthy teeth free of tooth decay and gum disease promote better overall health.

Preserve Tooth Alignment

Missing teeth can cause their neighbors to move into new positions, interfering with tooth alignment. If you had orthodontic treatment in the past, you may lose your investment if you leave a gap in your teeth. Implants, bridges, and crowns can keep your teeth in their intended places.

Long-Lasting Results

A smile makeover provides results lasting for years as long as you properly care for your teeth. The investment of time and money will pay for itself because you will need less restorative dental work in the future.

Procedures Available in a Smile Makeover

With Dr. Cooper, you can choose the improvements you want to see in your smile. Some of the procedures you may choose to combine as part of a complete smile makeover include:

Digital Smile Design

Before we begin, we will use photos and digital impressions to make a 3-D model of your smile. We will use the newest technology to show you how your new smile will look after your makeover. 

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If you have been hiding your smile because you feel uncomfortable with your teeth, a smile makeover can help you boost your confidence and share your true personality with the world while improving your oral health. Please call our office at 301-515-2466 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Cooper.