Restorative Dentistry in Germantown, MD

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The right restorative procedures at the right time can reduce the need for additional dental work in the future. Restorative procedures protect your oral and physical health while boosting the aesthetics of your smile.

The Biomimetic Approach

Biomimetic dentistry focuses on reconstructing teeth to restore both biomechanical and aesthetic form and function. Using a biomimetic approach, we remove only the damaged and decayed portions of the tooth and bond a highly aesthetic and functional restoration to the remaining healthy tooth structure to closely mimic the natural tooth.

Unlike older metal amalgam fillings, modern composite fillings are color-matched to the tooth to ensure a natural appearance. They are also chemically rather than mechanically bonded to the tooth, ensuring a precise fit that will not leak.

If your tooth needs more than a filling but less than a crown, an inlay or onlay can be the perfect solution. Typically crafted from dental porcelain, but also available in gold, inlays and onlays can replace a great deal of missing tooth structure. An inlay sits between the tooth’s cusps, while an onlay covers one or more cusps.

If your tooth is badly decayed or damaged, we can remove the damaged portions and cover the remaining healthy tooth structure with a dental crown. A traditional dental crown requires two appointments, and you must wear a temporary crown for several days in between. Same day crowns allow us to use a special 3D scanner and milling machine to create your final, customized crown of high quality dental porcelain all in the same appointment.

If you are missing one or more teeth in a row, we can use dental crowns on the adjacent natural teeth to secure a dental bridge. This solution is highly functional, long-lasting, and aesthetic, but it does require us to sacrifice healthy tooth structure from the anchoring teeth. If you are missing three or more teeth in a row, we can secure the bridge on dental implants instead, protecting the natural teeth.

Whether you need to replace a single tooth or all the teeth in your mouth, implant restorations have become the gold standard. Dental implants replace tooth roots, halting and reversing jawbone loss and providing a secure, stable base for high quality replacement teeth.


Replacing multiple missing teeth on the upper or lower arch, today’s dentures are extremely natural in both appearance and function. Dentures may be full, replacing all the teeth on an arch, or partial, replacing some teeth. They may be traditional, supported only by the soft tissues of the mouth, or implant-supported. Finally, they may be removable (with or without implant support) or fixed in place (only possible with implants).

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