Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you get into dentistry?

    I have always had an eye for design, art, and craftsmanship. I also really enjoyed science and always thought of becoming a doctor. By the time I was 13, I realized that dentistry was a way to seamlessly blend my interest in medicine with my love for craftsmanship. My aha moment came when I got my front tooth chipped playing basketball, my childhood dentist fixed my chipped tooth and that was eureka!

  • What special procedures do you offer your patients?

    We are highly focused on hygiene, preventative maintenance, cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, implant dentistry and emergency services to alleviate pain. We also offer a full range of restorative services to repair a single damaged tooth to multiple worn teeth with full mouth rehabilitation.

  • Do you accept dental insurance, and how do you handle patients who need work but don’t have insurance?

    We participate with numerous insurance companies as part of their Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). However, we find that about half our patients don’t have dental insurance, so we offer Rosewood Smile Club in-house membership plan at an affordable rate. It includes routine cleanings and checkups each year, and it provides an across the board 50% discount on all dental procedures. We also have relationships with several financial institutions to provide low monthly payments. Our goal is to make top quality dental care more affordable.

  • Fear of the dentist is extremely common. What do you do to minimize both pain and fear?

    We are obsessed with making our patients feel at home and comfortable. We place a strong emphasis on incorporating the latest technologies to enhance patient comfort and convenience. We also provide minimal to moderate conscious sedation, which works for 95% of fearful patient.

  • What makes your practice unique? Why should patients choose you?

    We have excellent patient reviews, and I believe our people are a main reason for that. We employ a diverse team to serve a diverse population with different needs. We are extremely friendly and go out of our way to make patients feel welcome. We are also a world-class dental office with an excellent standard of care. Our patients feel confident that we will truly take care of them in every way.

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